The Evactron® De-Contaminator is a RF Plasma Cleaner and an electron microscope accessory which can be externally mounted on vacuum chambers and electron microscopes.

Plasma Cleaning using the Evactron Decontaminator improves SEM (scanning electron microscope) & FIB performance with increased resolution and for the best images possible.



•XEI Scientific and University of Southern California announce a publication in Advanced Materials on the use of downstream plasma cleaning.


XEI DEBUTS the REVOLUTIONARY Evactron® EP De-Contaminator™, an affordable, easy to use remote plasma cleaner designed for physicists, materials scientists, and other custom vacuum systems at AVS 2014!


XEI LAUNCHES the Evactron® ES De-Contaminator™ plasma cleaning system for the OEM electron microscope market!

XEI REPORTS a novel approach to removing silicone based contamination in a recent publication in JVST(A)

XEI AWARDED US PATENT #US00850787B2 - Oxidative Cleaning Method and Apparatus for electron microscopes!

The Evactron
® RF plasma cleaner improves electron microscope imaging and analytical performance by removing contamination. It cleans and breaks down oils and other hydrocarbons in most vacuum chambers resulting in high-quality images and carbon-free analysis.  It can be used as an in-situ solution, cleaning EUV and X-ray optics.  The Evactron® Decontaminator is a general purpose RF plasma asher capable of external mounting on most vacuum chambers and electron microscopes.

Low power prevents instrument damage!  The Evactron® De-Contaminator can use air, oxygen gas, oxygen gas mixtures or hydrogen gas for gentle cleaning and decontamination without damage.